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" Shipyard "(a yard, place or enclosure where ships are built or repaired)

in the shipyard
A shipyard is a plant where boats and ships are built and repaired. The first shipyard where ships were mass-produced were probably by the Carthaginians and Phoenicians.
Later, the Romans had extensive shipyard complexes, mainly for building galleys. For a long time ships were built in shipyards on land.

The first dry docks which are a documented historical fact some of which still exist. They were constructed under Zheng He in Nanjang, China, to build the legendary treasure fleet at the beginning of the 15th century. With this development, building larger ships of more than 100m length became possible. In 1839, the American engineer Gilbert invented the dry dock for repair purposes. Dry docks work similiary to submarines: to load the ship into the dock, they are floated into place and submerge deep enough for the ship to move on to a prepared cradle. Then the water is pumped out of the tanks or pushed out with compressed air so that the dry dock raises up until the working area under the ship is dry. New ships are increasingly built in large closed halls.
Yard entrance
Farmont Yachts are extraordinary.
High tech, solid construction and first-rate design characterize the motor yachts. Approximately 80 employees in the shipyard in Antalya, Turkey, and at the headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany, share their enthusiasm for building boats with perfection and
in their declared goal to build classics. As an exceptionally seaworthy and comfortable motor yacht, the Farmont 70 has already become a classic.

With their many years of experience, great expert knowledge and enthusiasm they are on a course of success.
FARMONT was the first shipyard in Europe to develope and build high sea yachts not only in custom configurations, but also in semi-custom design for boats 70 feet long or more.

International boat architects such as René van der Velden and Joachim Kinder make the design of the ships so distinctive. Day after day, the Farmont engineers make sure that technology and building materials of the explorers, such as the FARMONT 70, are completely up to date.
the Blues Seas in shell the Farmont 106 in shell

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