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" MARLEEN - Exterior "



The deck offers plenty of opportunity for the owner and his guests to make himself comfortable. Frameless glass panes and large deck hatches adorn the deck house and let plenty of light into the located underneath salon. Special glass material ensures pleasant temperatures in the interior.


Vorschiff   Vorschiff   Vorschiff mit Ankerwinde und Einstieg zur Segellast

The entire deck is provided with high quality teak wood. On large areas of the forecastle you will be invited to long sunbathing and lounging. Wide side decks on the sides of the sailing yacht can also be used safely and comfortably in adverse weather conditions.


Cockpit       Achterschiff

In the aft there is the large cockpit. From here at the steering station you can control the helm of "Marleen" and through intelligent rope guides you can operate all sails. With large partially electrically driven winches, this can be quite easily achieved with little effort.



From the instrumented outside steering station "Marleen" is navigated. The instrument displays are clearly arranged. The most important nautical information and the engine operation can be obtained here. Of course there is a magnetic compass leading the helmsman reliable in any direction, so no fantastical bay can be missed.


Removable swim platform

The easily removable swim platform provides a comfortable entry into the water. The owner and his guests enjoy the swimming fun to the fullest in the beautiful bays.


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