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" Yacht Refit - Your ship in experienced hands "


Facelifting and/or change of a yacht after several seasons or an owner change, usually modernization of a yacht come into the years. Of a Refit the industry speaks only then if the order value constitutes at least one third of the yacht value before the Refit. Larger maintenance work after season end or small changes of outward appearances does not fulfill the term thus.

We settle all work from the new painting and a complete renovation, so that the owner at the end takes over - nearly - a new yacht reliable in service.


Whether now to the worth stop or for sales preparation, we assure professional execution of all work to you, begun when planning up to the completion.


You determine kind and range of the work in co-operation with our experts. The Refit can reach from necessary individual measures to the total core removal and reorganization of the entire interior and external ship.


 Repairing hull and superstructures
 Redoing paint damage
 Renewal of systems e.g. electrical connection, electronics, navigation
 Renewal of safety-relevant parts e.g. seals, diesel fuel piping
 Renewal of the entire drive unit
 Modernization of the interior equipment, individually or maritime
 Cleaning of the engine compartment
 Environmentalfair disposal of oil and fuel arrears
 Examination and renewal of lighting and rescue means



We come on your ship and advise you gladly.


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