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" In the beginning is the idea. If it is particularly good, it turns into a classic. "
" Good things are timeless. "

Hans Farmont, 2005
For him, a great deal of stamina is the most important thing, no matter what he does:the successful sailor, entrepreneur and architect Hans Farmont has been setting international quality standards in his companies for over 30 years. Here he reveals a few details about his business secret.
Mr.Farmont, what fascinates you about ship building?
"Building classic boats which people will be just as enthusiastic about 20 years from now has always been my goal.
Constantly improving technology and design - I endrose that. But following current trends at all cost is not a goal worth striving for. I realised as early as 1972, that the market was ready for very special yachts."
What is your view of yacht building as a profession?
"Just as with my other activities as an entrepreneur, I also take yacht building very seriously.
To build yachts professionally requires that you derive great joy from new things, and you also need stamina. Today one would probably rather use the term 'innovative power', but this means the same thing."
In your opinion, in what direction is the trend in yacht buildiung heading today?
"You know, I don´t really like to talk in terms of trends.
What is good is timeless, don´t you think? But there is one thing that does come to my mind after all: just as with automobiles, the direction in which motor yachts are developing is towards exploration.
Not so much intoxicating speed and impressive exterior, but more solidity, comfort and space inside instead."
Will you tell us something about your recipe of success?
"Unfortunately there are few recipes. But it is quite simple, really (laughs): Whatever you do - give it all you have."

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